Choosing best smart watch 2021

Modern electronic industry provides so many possibilities, that choosing best smart watch in 2021 for your unique needs might be difficult. There are available widely known high-end products such as Apple Watch (link) or Samsung Galaxy Watch, or thousands much more affordable smart watches from different suppliers. Here you will find comparison of different watches as well as important details and hidden rocks you might want to know when saving money on buying more affordable smart watches.


Comparing design and functionality of different smart watches, we can create three categories:

  • Smart band

Small Smart watches with compact design, which are meant to be maximally comfortable for long wearing in different conditions including intensive physical activities. The main reasons to choose those is high durability, long lasting battery life (up to 3-4 weeks) and relatively low price. Wristband have minimalistic interface and limited social communication abilities.

Most common functions: Heart beat ratio, sleep tracking, alarm, step counting.

Examples: Mi Smart Band 5, M4 Smart bracelet.

  • Sport watches

More classic design, multiple ways of tracking your physical activities through out the day. 40-44 mm wide display along with more powerful processor gives us ability to explore variety of different trackers and reminders. Compared to Smart band they have much more customizable options: changing display picture, interface, managing audio playback. Depending on the model and usage intensity, battery can last 2-7 days.

  • High-end Smart watches

Basically it's a small smartphone on your hand. You can make a call, shazam a song you like or check the calendar for upcoming events. Some models even can fully function without a phone nearby using e-sim technology. As a rule they as well have all the functions of sport watches. Variety of different functions and social apps make this so wide category that we have created a separate article about it.

The main downsides here are that they are pricy and you might need a daily charge.

Having all those functions in one device is extraordinary and 5 years ago it would seem impossible. However, how much of it you will actually use?

Expensive is not always better

If you just start exploring variety of Smart watches on the market, deciding on the best smart watch might be exhausting, especially when you see the prices..

There are multiple reasons you might consider to choose affordable watches instead of expensive ones:

  • Learning which functions you use in your everyday life

This is very important, as only experience can show what of your daily needs can be fulfilled with piece of technology on your hand. So what is it? Organizing routine? Getting all required information through messages while not grabbing attention or distracting? May be receiving a call while keeping your pockets empty and hands free?. It would be unpleasant to know that your 300$ watch don’t have that one small function you need

  • Save money for a perfect smart watch

It could be really effective safe measure when you are willing to get a gift for yourself in a form of brand new Smart watches. While having limited time to gather information about all the models you are interested in, choosing a cheaper watches might be a strategical decision. You will not only save money, but also have no regrets if product doesn’t meet your personal requirements.

Who knows, may be you even realize you don't need smart watches in your life.

So unless you are buying expensive toy that might remain mostly unused, consider starting your wrist-gadget exploration with easily affordable smart watches.

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